£1 Munster & Leinster Bank "Ploughman" note, dated 04 May 1937 - how much are Irish banknotes worth?

O’Brien Banknote Price Guide 2016: Ploughman £1 notes

2016 Market Values Last year (2015) saw a vibrant market for Ploughman £1 notes with many new collectors entering an already crowded field. The one pound Ploughman is the most affordable of the Consolidated Banks series and is, therefore the most popular starting point for this most elusive of modern Irish banknotes . Increased demand…

1929 £10 Consolidated Banks - Provincial Bank of Ireland (front) Unc

O’Brien Rare Banknote Review: Ploughman Notes (Provincial Bank of Ireland)

Introduction The Provincial Bank of Ireland was established in 1825, pioneered branch banking in Ireland. The terms, rights and privileges of the Bank of Ireland allowed it to effectively strangle the development of banking in Ireland until the Irish Banking Crisis that followed the post-Napoleonic War Depression. The Bank of Ireland effectively held a monopoly…