Gold coins circulating in Ireland during the reign of Henry VI, c. 1460 (when he fixed exchange rates)

Monetary Crisis (1460), as Henry VI fixes exchange rates for foreign coins in Ireland

Introduction: The price of gold rose from the 1430s onward, so gold coins were worth more in Europe than in England, which resulted in a gold shortage in England as coins were exported for profit. This is known as an ‘arbitrage market’ and is also an early example of Gresham’s Law – it caused a…

Mining in the 14th C - scenes from a medieval silver mine

Monetary Crisis (1369), as Richard II orders his colonists to search for silver and gold mines in Ireland

Following the death in 1376 of his father, Edward of Woodstock (the Black Prince), Richard became heir to his grandfather, King Edward III of England, whom he succeeded in 1377 at the age of ten. His reign of twenty-two years saw a number of domestic crises, from the Peasants’ Revolt (1381) to later conflicts with…

The Great Rebellion. Issues of the Lords Justices. 1642-1649. AV Pistole (21mm, 6.61 g, 2h). Ormonde Money. Struck 1646. '4 : 9wtt :/ 7 : gr :' in two lines / '4 : 9wtt :/ 7 : gr :' in two lines. O'Sullivan, Gold dies 1/2; D&F 269 (Inchiquin Money); SCBC 6552.

Irish Coin Daily: Ormonde Double Pistole (1646)

Date: c. 1646 Description: Emergency issue from The Great Rebellion, 1642-1649. Gold Double Pistole (21mm, 6.61 g, 2h). Ormonde Money. Struck 1646. ‘4 : 9wtt : 7 : gr :’ in two lines / ‘4 : 9wtt : 7 : gr :’ in two lines. O’Sullivan, Gold dies 1/2; D&F 269; SCBC 6552. Extremely Fine (EF) Probably…

2015 £50 - USA - one ounce gold eagle

O’Brien Coin Guide: Mintages for modern US ‘bullion’ coins

There are 4 gold coins currently minted by the US Mint – 1 oz., 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz. and 1/10th oz. They are sold by the US Mint at a premium over the gold market spot price. They are not proofs, nor are they limited edition commemorative issues. They are sold as an investment and…

1906 Denmark 20 Krone Mermaid

Today’s Gold Coin Prices … (discontinued)

Gold Coin Values Last updated – Friday, 18th September Daily updates have been discontinued I am frequently asked to value gold coins and this is a list of the more popular gold coins usually found in Ireland.  In perfect condition, a gold coin has a fixed weight but, as they get worn and polished over…

James II, King of England, Scotland & Ireland

Monetary Crisis (1689), as James II Fixes Exchange Rates for Foreign Coins in Ireland

Introduction When James II succeeded his father in 1685, he continued to issue copper halfpennies, albeit via a ‘patent’ like his father did before him. This maintained the flow of small change but the same ‘decades old’ problem persisted with the large proportion of under-weight ‘clipped’ silver in circulation. This might have sufficed for transactions…

Portrait of King Charles II, by John Riley

Monetary Crisis (1680), as Charles II Fixes Exchange Rates for Foreign Coins in Ireland

Introduction On 6th June 1680, the Lord Lieutenant (The Earl of Arran) issued a proclamation that a new table for the calculation of foreign coin values. This was done in response to the large amount of foreign (non-English) coins that were circulating in Ireland at this time but the monetary challenges that faced Charles II…