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This specialist Irish website brings you ‘the story’ of Irish money, from the days before we had our own coinage, through the pioneering currencies of the Dublin Vikings and medieval Anglo-Norman colonists to political and monetary independence and the present day Euro currency.

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  • This includes coin types, denominations, metals, kings/queens, moneyers, and mints

Ireland’s numismatic history is a complex story – with ebbs and flows of trading, taxation, shortages and expansion. Each chapter is rich in geo-politics, social, economic and monetary detail.

Each individual coin, token and banknote issue has its own unique raison d’être – the complete story is going to take a while to finish … but we hope to have a reasonable degree of completeness over the next year (or two). Of course, as new facts emerge, be prepared for a few twists and turns, as individual posts are updated.

Gold pennanular rings (Celtic Ring Money)


  • Early to Late Christian period Ireland (pre-Coinage Ireland?)
    • Imported Roman coins
    • Imported Anglo-Saxon coins
    • Imported Islamic coins



  • The 17th C Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism
    • Currency Crises throughout Europe
    • The beginning of Irish Milled coinage
    • Emergency coinages of the War of the Three Kingdoms
    • Tradesmens’ Tokens of the Interregnum & Restoration
    • The ‘fiat’ currencies of the Glorious Revolution & the Williamite Wars
    • The end of Hammered coinage in Ireland


  • Coinage of the Anglo-Irish Ascendancy
    • Regal Coppers
    • Shortage of Copper coins and the Proliferation of Forgeries & Unofficial Tokens
    • Forgeries, Evasion and Currency Reform
1804 Malahide, Co Dublin - The Silver Bank, Six Shillings, payable in Notes of the Bank of Ireland. The Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

1804 Malahide, Co Dublin – The Silver Bank, Six Shillings

  • Early Irish Banknotes
  • In 1782, The Bank of Ireland was established in as a national bank
    • It establishes a monopoly around Dublin and issues its own notes
    • A shortage of specie creates a new type of private bank – the Silver Banks
    • Tradesmens’ Notes are also issued for small amounts (less than £1)

GB & Ireland - pennies and sovereigns

  • Monetary Union with Britain
    • The Joint-Stock Banks Act, 1824
      • The Abolition of The Bank of Ireland’s Monopoly in Dublin
      • The 1845 Bank Act then reduced it to the status of a Joint-Stock Bank
        • The Demise of the Small Private Banks
    • GB & Ireland Coinage 1826-1967
      • Farthing – Crown
        • The Demise of the Silver Banks
      • Gold Sovereign – Five Pounds
        • The Rise of the Multi-Branch Networks of the Joint-Stock Banks


  • Independence (Modern Irish Coins)
    • The Currency Commission of Ireland
    • Pre-Decimal coinage (1928-69)
    • Decimal coinage (1969-2000)
Modern Irish Banknotes 1928-2000 - The Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

Modern Irish Banknotes 1928-2000 – The Old Currency Exchange

  • Modern (Irish Banknotes)
    • Political Issues
    • Modern Irish Banknotes
      • Currency Commission Issues
        • Series A
      • Consolidated Banks & their Notes
      • Central Bank of Ireland Issues
      • Sterling Issues
      • Irish Punts
        • Series B
      • Irish Punts (pegged to the ECB / ERM)
        • Series C
Irish Euro Coins - 2002 Set (1c to €2). The OLd Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

Irish Euro Coins – 2002 Set (1c to €2)

  • The Single European Currency
    • Circulating Coinage (Irish Euro Coins)
    • Commemorative Coins, BU Sets and Proof Sets
      • Irish Euro Notes

We strive to be the best-stocked shop in Ireland for coins, tokens and banknotes.  The Old Currency Exchange specialises in Irish collectibles but also holds a substantial inventory of British, European and World coins / banknotes.  Collectors and investors alike will flock to our shop every week to see what new inventory has arrived.

We cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced collectors, as well as those looking for investments to hedge against inflation, currency (FX) devaluations and general malaise in the financial markets.  So, whether you are looking to buy, looking for advice or to have your collection appraised, do ‘drop by’ next time you are in Dublin.

We buy old banknotes and coins – individual items, small lots or entire collections.

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best shop for Irish banknotes, Dublin, Ireland

Cheannach againn nótaí bainc d’aois agus boinn – míreanna aonair , go leor beag nó bailiúcháin ar fad

  • Íocaimid níos mó ná an Banc Ceannais do do nótaí bainc agus boinn d’aois.

best shop for Irish coins, Dublin, Ireland

Old Norse runic - We buy old Viking silver pennies

A viking coin dealer’s advert – We buy old Viking silver pennies (in Old Norse runic script)

This website is updated on a frequent basis, so do please ‘re-visit’ as often as you can.

It is dedicated to the needs of Irish coin and banknote collectors, plus anyone else who is interested in the history, geo-politics, economics and development of Irish currencies over the past thousand years or so.  It is hoped that it will become a useful (and popular) reference point for Irish numismatics and notophily worldwide.


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The Old Currency Exchange is Ireland's leading retailer for collectible banknotes, coins and tokens. best good shop for Irish coins and banknotes, Dublin, Ireland

The Old Currency Exchange is Ireland’s leading retailer for collectible banknotes, coins and tokens


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      That said, they may have a collectible value.
      This will depend upon which issue + grade (condition).


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