Hiberno-Norse. Sihtric III Olafsson. 995-1036. AR Penny (18mm, 1.16 g, 4h). Phase II coinage, long cross type. Difelin (Dublin) mint signature; ‘Faeremin,’ moneyer. Struck circa 1018-1035. + HNTRC RE+ ИFDIN, draped bust right; : to left, + behind neck / + FIE RENI ИFIΘ HΘIH, voided long cross, with triple crescent ends; pellet in each quarter. Cf. SCBI 8 (BM), 75 (for type); SCBI 32 (Ulster), 71 (same dies); SCBC 6125. Good VF, toned

Why did Hiberno-Norse Towns Outside of Dublin Not Produce Their Own Coins?

The other Hiberno-Norse towns in Ireland became urban later than Dublin: a base was established in Limerick in the 830s/840s, the initial Norse settlement seems to have been established in the 920s but … Limerick did not develop into a town until around AD 967. Waterford may have been urban from around AD 980 Cork…