1839 GB & Ireland Copper Half-Farthing (Queen Victoria). Type 1 reverse.

GB & Ireland – Half-Farthings

The Half-Farthing This denomination was issued (for the first time) in 1828 – just a year after the third-farthing for use exclusively in Ceylon (now independent and known as Sri Lanka). Unlike the quarter- and third-farthing, the half-farthing it was made legal tender in the UK & Ireland in 1842 via a Royal Proclamation by…


GB & Ireland – Third-Farthings

The Third-Farthing The first of the fractional farthings to be issued was the third-farthing, which throughout the period of issue from 1827 to 1913 was minted exclusively for use in Malta. The island used British coins, but the grano, dating from before British rule, was valued at one-twelfth of a penny. As a result the…