1990 Ireland £1

O’Brien Coin Price Guide: Irish Decimal Pound

2018 Market Values Ireland / Eire The normal edge for these coins is a milled edge with an ‘engrailed’ pattern which is added after the milling. Coins exist without fully ‘engrailed edges’ for all years. Most of these have two small groves in the milling at two opposite points where the ‘engrailing’ machinery started but…

1929 £10 Consolidated Banks - Provincial Bank of Ireland (front) Unc

O’Brien Rare Banknote Review: Ploughman Notes (Provincial Bank of Ireland)

Introduction The Provincial Bank of Ireland was established in 1825, pioneered branch banking in Ireland. The terms, rights and privileges of the Bank of Ireland allowed it to effectively strangle the development of banking in Ireland until the Irish Banking Crisis that followed the post-Napoleonic War Depression. The Bank of Ireland effectively held a monopoly…

1984 B Series £1 Banknote

O’Brien Banknote Guide: One Pound, Irish Banknote “B Series”

Introduction As early as 1971, the Central Bank of Ireland announced its intention to produce new banknotes to replace the long-lived Lady Lavery issue which had been printed by the Bank of England in London and circulating in Ireland since 1928. They sub-contracted the design phase to Servicon – an Irish design company, to design…