1806 Ireland George III copper farthing, Laureate and draped bust facing right

O’Brien Coin Price Guide 2016: The Irish Coinage of George III

2016 Market Values The coinage of George II is reasonably easy to find in the lower grades but a substantial premium is paid for higher grade coins – which are not easy to obtain. Last year, we saw steep price increases at auction for proofs and regular issues in Extremely Fine (EF) and Uncirculated grades.…


O’Brien Coin Price Guide: Irish Decimal Tenpence

2018 Market Values Large Tenpence US Grades G VF 20 XF40 AU50 MS61 YEAR Mintage Good Fine Very Fine Ex. Fine Uncirculated 1969 27,000,000 face face face   €1.00     €4.00 1971   4,000,000 face face face   €1.00     €3.00 1973   2,500,000 face face €1.00   €7.00   €18.00 1974  …

Two different designs of the coin exist, both featuring a salmon on the reverse. The second was introduced in 1993 and is smaller, due to the reduction of the coin's value by inflation.

O’Brien Coin Guide: The Irish Decimal Ten Pence

The tenpence (10p) (Irish: deich pingin)  was a sub-division of the Irish pound. It was introduced in Ireland on Decimal Day, 15th February 1971 and re-used the design on the florin coin first produced for the Irish Free State in 1928.  Due to the similarity in size and weight, many of the old florin coins remained…


O’Brien Rare Coin Review: Why is the 1992 Irish 10p coin so valuable?

Introduction The Irish government began minting the original 10p coin two years prior to Decimal Day, 15 February 1971, hence the first 10p coins were dated 1969 and 1971 – when they were first circulated.  These coins retained the exact design and dimensions (except denomination) of the old (pre-decimal) florin coin, first introduced to the…