These banknotes didn’t inhale … they just absorbed second-hand smoke in an Irish pub !

No smoker really believes that smoking actually harms them, otherwise they would stop. I recently bought a batch of old banknotes that were hanging up on a pub wall. The notes that were there for a ‘short time’ were re-saleable. The notes that had been there for a ‘longer time’, absorbing second-hand smoke, were un-saleable. …


Irish Currencies, from a Coin Collecting and Banknote Collecting perspective

Being born in 1960, I am very comfortable with currency changes since during my lifetime I have used three completely different currencies.  Of course, there was a subtle change in 1978 when the money in our pockets stayed the same but the banknotes changed design.  Although things went on as before in Ireland, our new…

Dublin. Warner Westenra, merchant. copper Penny Token. Dated 1655. Williamson 412

Mid-17th C Irish Trade Tokens

Background From medieval to early modern times, the value of a coin was based on its precious metal content – usually silver.  With Ireland split into numerous petty kingdoms, the local ruler would have his own mint with a local moneyer to produce coinage.  If a moneyer used less precious metal than was required so…