A submission for the Millennium Irish Pound Coin Design. The design motif comprises two elements - a flower (wild iris) to remind us of the fragile ecology of our plant and a spiral - referring to our Celtic past and the whirling continuum of time.

Review: Central Bank of Ireland Archive Reading Room

Upon hearing the news that “The Central Bank of Ireland has opened its archives to the public” I just had to book an appointment for a quick, initial visit … and I was not disappointed ! The Central Bank of Ireland has employed a professional archivist and the fruits of this investment can be seen…

2015 £50 - USA - one ounce gold eagle

O’Brien Coin Guide: Mintages for modern US ‘bullion’ coins

There are 4 gold coins currently minted by the US Mint – 1 oz., 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz. and 1/10th oz. They are sold by the US Mint at a premium over the gold market spot price. They are not proofs, nor are they limited edition commemorative issues. They are sold as an investment and…

1906 Denmark 20 Krone Mermaid

Today’s Gold Coin Prices … (discontinued)

Gold Coin Values Last updated – Friday, 18th September Daily updates have been discontinued I am frequently asked to value gold coins and this is a list of the more popular gold coins usually found in Ireland.  In perfect condition, a gold coin has a fixed weight but, as they get worn and polished over…

Ireland will discontinue production and circulation of 1c and 2c coins this year

O’Brien Rare Coin Review: Will the Irish 1c and 2c coins ever be scarce?

The Irish have a love-hate relationship with their 1c and 2c coins – we like them as part of coin sets but it seems no one wants them in their pockets. All around Ireland, outside shops, we see 1c and 2c coins on the ground. Yes, people actually throw them on the ground ! Of…

10 Perper Montenegro Gold

O’Brien Obsolete Currency Guide: Montenegro (Perpera)

The Kingdom of Montenegro (Serbian: Краљевина Црнa Горa / Kraljevina Crna Gora), was a monarchy in southeastern Europe during the tumultuous years on the Balkan Peninsula leading up to and during The Great War (WW1). Legally it was a constitutional monarchy, but absolutist in practice Prince Nicholas of Montenegro, in 1906, issued coins in denominations…

Bosnia and Herzegovina 200 KM

O’Brien Currency Guide: Bosnia & Herzegovina (Convertible Mark)

Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina declared sovereignty in October 1991 and independence from the former Yugoslavia on 3 March 1992 after a referendum boycotted by ethnic Serbs. The Bosnian Serbs – supported by neighboring Serbia and Montenegro – responded with armed resistance aimed at partitioning the republic along ethnic lines and joining Serb-held areas…

Belgium 2015 special €2 commemorative coin - Centenary of the start of the First World War

O’Brien Coin Guide: Commemorative €2 Coins of 2014

The descriptions on this page have been taken from the Official Journal of the European Union and the European Central Bank website. Coins are listed in chronological order, i.e. date of issue. Where the dates of issue are the same, coins are listed in alphabetical order, by country (English spelling). Summary Date Country Commemorating Mintage…