Irish Coin Daily: Ireland Proof Euro Coin Set (2019)

Date: 2019

Ireland 2019 Proof Coin Set

Ireland 2019 Proof Coin Set


These sets are similar to the coins that circulate but are struck on specially produced, highly polished flans (also known as blanks, or planchets).  The Central Bank of Ireland has maintained their conservative approach to the issue of proof sets and, to date, only seven sets have been made available for collectors to purchase.

  • Although these sets are limited editions, they do (sometimes) take time to sell out

Ireland Proof Euro Coin Set: 2019

Proof set of 9 coins in display capsules and blue leather display case, with dark blue velvet lining.  Blue Central Bank of Ireland presentation box and numbered Central Bank of Ireland certificate of authenticity.

  • Includes the special €2 coin commemorating the Centenary of the First Dáil Éireann
  • Limited edition: 1,000 sets
    • This item is no longer available from The Central Bank of Ireland


  • Ireland


  • Euro Coins
    • Ireland
      • Proof Set
        • 2019


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