Irish Para-Numismatics

These are a few topics that do not easily fit into the usual categories but are an important part of Irish Numismatics. Some collectors consider them to be of para-numismatic interest, so I shall adhere to that nomenclature.

  • Image Gallery: Political Counter-Strikes
    • Early Nationalist Over-Strikes on GB & Ireland coins
    • Modern Republican Over-strikes on British coins
      • INLA counter-strikes on British coins
      • IRA counter-strikes on British coins
    • Modern Loyalist Over-strikes on Irish coins
      • UDA counter-strikes on Irish coins
      • UVF counter-strikes on Irish coins
  • Image Gallery: Irish Commemorative Medals / Medallions

A token is usually described as “An object of value” and in the past has been used as a substitute for coinage or money, e.g. from the 16th to 18th century in Ireland, so-called tradesmens’ tokens were commonly used in lieu of the copper coinage of the day. The Masonic Order uses tokens as a symbol of belonging or membership. An alternative description of this type of token, popular in mainland Europe, is the term “Jeton” or “Jeton du Presence”. Also popular in 19th C Ireland were various forms of religious tokens, e.g. Communion Tokens.

  • Irish Masonic Tokens
  • Presbyterian Communion Tokens


The Old Currency Exchange is Ireland's leading retailer for collectible banknotes, coins and tokens

The Old Currency Exchange is Ireland’s leading retailer for collectible banknotes, coins and tokens


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