1862 GB & Ireland bronze farthing (Victoria, Bun Head) uncirculated

O’Brien Coin Guide: GB & Ireland Bronze Farthings (Victoria)

Background The bronze Coinage of Queen Victoria was introduced in the year 1860, to replace the copper coinage first inaugurated by Charles II in 1672. This new alloy for coinage had several advantages over the old copper coins:- it was lighter, cheaper and had greater hardness / durability But bronze is not as easy to…

1943 GB & Ireland bronze farthing (George VI)

O’Brien Coin Guide: GB & Northern Ireland Bronze Farthings (George VI)

Background: Edward VIII advised the Royal Mint that he wanted a modern coinage to reflect a modern Britain but, after his abdication, it was his younger brother (George VI) who inherited his new designs – the first of which was the farthing. A European Wren replaced Britannia on the reverse. This bird motif was similar…

1844 GB & Ireland copper farthing (Victoria)

O’Brien Coin Guide: GB & Ireland Copper Farthings (Victoria)

Background Victoria was the daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, the fourth son of King George III. Both the Duke of Kent and King George III died in 1820. She inherited the British throne at the age of 18, after her father’s three elder brothers had all died, leaving no surviving legitimate…


O’Brien Rare Coin Review: Does an Irish (small) 1991 5p coin exist?

The Irish five pence coin, first introduced in 1971, was 5.65518 grams in weight with a diameter of 2.3595 centimetres. This matched the British five pence coin. As a modern coin it became apparent in the late 1980s that the coin’s physical dimensions were large relative to its value. On 30th April, 1992, Minister for Finance…

1822 Ireland copper penny (George IV), Laureate and draped bust facing left

O’Brien Coin Price Guide 2016: The Irish Coinage of George IV

2016 Market Values Copper Penny Copper Halfpenny Copper Farthing <no image> No farthings were circulated. Advertisements

1971 Ireland decimal halfpenny

O’Brien Coin Price Guide: Irish Decimal Halfpenny

2018 Market Values Ireland (Éire) US Grades G VF 20 XF40 AU50 MS61 YEAR Mintage Good Fine Very Fine Ex. Fine Uncirculated 1971 100,500,000 face face face face     €1.00 1975   10,500,000 face face face face     €3.00 1976     5,000,000 face face face face     €4.00 1978   20,300,000…

1933 Saorstát Éireann Halfcrown

O’Brien Coin Price Guide: Irish Pre-Decimal Halfcrown

2018 Market Values Irish Free State (Saorstát Éireann) US Grades G VF 20 XF40 AU50 MS61 YEAR Mintage Good Fine Very Fine Ex. Fine Uncirculated 1928 2,160,000 b.v. b.v.   €10.00   €25.00      €45.00 Proof      €75.00 1930 352,000 b.v.   €5.00   €25.00 €150.00    €300.00 1931 160,000 b.v.   €7.00…