Ireland token, Charles II (1649-1685), Dublin Corporation, Halfpenny, 1679, in silver, arms of Dublin, · the · dvblin · halfpennie ·, rev. crowned harp, · long · live · the · king ·, edge grained

Irish Coin Daily: Dublin Corporation Halfpenny (silver)

Date: 1679 Description: Country: Ireland Category: Charles II Token Notes: This token is interesting for a number of reasons: It was issued after the last proclamation of Charles II banning the use of such tokens. Prior to this issue, it was not uncommon for city mayors to issue tokens in their own name, though not…

Ballykinlar Internment Camp - one penny token

O’Brien Coin Guide: Ballykinlar Internment Camp Tokens (1920-21)

Introduction These items are unusual insofar as they fall into several categories, i.e. coin tokens, unofficial notes. Either way, they are ‘para-numismatic’ items and are also collected by those interested in militaria, republican memorabilia and banknotes. They were produced for use in the Ballykinlar Internment Camp in Co Down towards the end of the Irish…

6d Curragh Camp token 1940

O’Brien Coin Guide: The Curragh ‘Prisoner of War’ Camp Tokens (1940)

Introduction The impending war in Europe was of major concern to Ireland and most politicians were worried that a war in Europe would re-open the wounds of our own Civil War of 1922-23. The 1930’s were difficult for Ireland :- There were pro- and anti-fascist movements in Ireland and the IRA continued to pursue its own…

1652 Massachussets "oak tree" silver threepence

How NOT to sell “the gem” in your coin collection … an example of a ‘numismatic’ marketing faux pas !

It is every metal detector’s dream to find something worth a million, although most of them do it for the exercise, the fresh air and the fun they have in researching their smaller finds. Its about the history. I was very surprised and impressed to discover that most detectorists donate their finds to local museums…


O’Brien Rare Coin Review: The Castlecomer Colliery Tokens

Introduction The Spanish dollar or ‘piece of eight’ reales counter-struck ‘5 shillings & 5 pence’ for use in trading by the Castle Comer Colliery, in Co Kilkenny, is the only silver crown-sized piece issued in Ireland by a private commercial entity.  They were produced on behalf of Anne, Duchess of Ormonde – the wife of…

1664 trade token Robart Prince of Cashel, Co Tipperary

O’Brien Coin Guide: 17th C Irish Tradesmens’ Tokens (Annamoe – Cowrey)

Although manufactured and used over 350 years ago, many of these tokens were issued with pretty much the same form of English as we use nowadays, with a few notable exceptions to their alphabet and spelling, e.g. The letter “U” is always represented by the letter “V”, e.g. DVBLIN There was no letter “J” in…

The trade token of Dublin, Henry Bollardt, dated 1654

The Trade Token of Henry Bollardt, Apothecary (Dublin, 1654)

Dublin in the 1650’s Dublin City in the 1650’s was a very different place to that we all know and love today. It was a walled city – with heavily fortified gates at intervals along its perimeter. In 1649, with a Royalist army encamped in the grassy expanse surrounding Rathmines Castle, the Parliamentary commander of…