Malta commemorative €2 coin 2015 - First flight from Malta

O’Brien Coin Guide: Commemorative €2 Coins of 2015

The descriptions on this page have been taken from the Official Journal of the European Union and the European Central Bank website. Coins are listed in chronological order, i.e. date of issue Where the dates of issue are the same, coins are listed in alphabetical order, by country (English spelling) Summary (to date) This summary…


O’Brien Coin Guide: Irish Commemorative €2 coins

Rules regarding the issue of €2 commemorative coins Thus far, the Central Bank of Ireland has resisted the urge to ‘optionally’ issue commemorative €2 coins as per their statutory allowance.  This is not true of many of our continental cousins in the Euro Zone who, it seems, have taken up their options with increasing zeal…