Aethelred II, Type 2 - First Hand type penny, Moneyer, Cynsige of London

List of Anglo-Saxon Coin Finds in Medieval Ireland

Most of the books and academic papers state that Ireland was a coinless society throughout the first millennium A.D. However, this is not strictly true, since small numbers of coins from the Roman world circulated in Ireland in the first half of this millennium. It is not thought that they were used as currency – it…

O'Neil REX coin (Parsons, 1921)

O’Brien Rare Coin Review: Did a Gaelic king ‘mint coins in 11th C Ireland ?

Background It is generally agreed that the first coins used in Ireland for trade purposes were those imported by the Dublin vikings in the mid-10th C and that these coins comprised a mixture of mainly Anglo-Saxon, with some European and Islamic (Kufic) coins also turning up in hoards and single finds. However, one pound (240…

Aethelred II, Type 4 - Crux penny, Moneyer, Leofric of Lymne, rare mint

O’Brien Coin Guide: Who Introduced Anglo-Saxon Coins to Ireland and why ?

The First Coins Minted in Ireland It is fairly well accepted that Sihtric, Hiberno-Norse King of Dublin was the first to mint coins in his own name in Ireland. To date, all 7 phases of Hiberno-Norse coin production in Ireland have been attributed to Dublin rulers. But, who brought the first coins into Ireland and…

Aethelred II, Type 5 - Long Cross penny, Moneyer, Wulfmær of Castle Gotha

O’Brien Coin Guide: Anglo-Saxon Coins & Their Links To Ireland

It may come as a bit of a surprise to many that although Celtic coins have not (yet) been discovered in Ireland, there have been a lot of Roman and Anglo-Saxon coins found – especially the latter.  Conservative Irish historians have always said the Romans never got here but they rarely even mention the Anglo-Saxons…