Coin Forgery Alert: Ireland 1937 Halfcrown

Caveat emptor According to a recent report by the Numismatic Society of Ireland, several examples of this scarce (key date) halfcrown have appeared on the market, so buyers need to be extra vigilant when offered what may look like a bargain from an unusual source. Needless to say, an eBay seller “with little of no…

Reverse - Fake 1943 Irish Halfcrown

Coin Forgery Alert: Ireland 1943 Halfcrown

Caveat emptor Coin forgers have been with us for over a thousand years but this crime is no longer punishable in the medieval way, e.g. in the “Purge of the Moneyers” by Henry I at Christmas 1124, all of the English moneyers were summoned to Winchester, where most of them were castrated and had the…