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Helpful Guides for Coin Collectors

Other blog posts on banknote and coin collecting

Irish Banknotes

A Series

Currency Commission

Consolidated Banks (Ploughman) Series

B Series

C Series

Irish Coins (Hammered)

Ancient Coins

Medieval Coins

Irish Hammered Coins


Hiberno-Saxon Coinage ???



House of Anjou

House of Plantagenet

House of Tudor

House of Stuart

Irish Coins (Milled)

House of Stuart

  • Image Gallery: 1625–1649 Charles I

The House of Hanover

House of Saxe Coburg Gotha

Irish-American Coins

Irish Coins (Modern)

Pre-Decimal Irish Coinage

Decimal Irish Coinage

  • O’Brien Coin Guide: Irish Decimal BU Sets (Presentation Packs) – coming soon !

Irish Coins (Euro)

  • Preparations for a Single Currency

    • O’Brien Coin Guide: Official Irish ECU and Euro Commemorative Coins / Proofs  – coming soon !
    • O’Brien Coin Guide: Unofficial ECU Patterns – coming soon !


Irish Tokens

Cardboard Coin Tokens

Irish Numismatic News

  • A series of mini-blogs with snippets and links to the full story (usually newspaper articles)
  • These articles are specifically of interest to Irish coin and token collectors

Irish Para-Numismatics

Other Numismatic News

  • A series of mini-blogs with snippets and links to the full story (usually newspaper articles)
  • These articles are usually of a “non-Irish” interest


  • Old Currency Exchange site reviews and statistics
  • Old Currency Exchange social media reviews and statistics
  • Plus links to Business Review platforms
    • TripAdvisor
    • Yelp

Selective Reading List

Irish topics covers by the British Numismatic Society

Site Map

Video Clips

Links to external YouTube clips on numismatic topics

Poll – What Do You Collect?

6 thoughts on “Site Map

  1. Hi! I have a 1980 EIRE 5P like listed on your site for 22,200,000. I have also seen these same coins on ebay listed from $1.99 to $4.99. What am I looking for when looking at this coins appraisal?.
    Thank You,
    Marvin Blaine


    • Hi Marvin,
      My webpage states that 22,200,000 of these coins were minted (produced).
      This is not a value – just the total number produced that year.
      If you look at the other columns (to the right), you will see market values for the various grades.
      Apologies if my layout has caused confusion.
      Best regards


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