O’Brien Coin Price Guide: Irish Decimal Halfpenny

O'Brien Coin Price Guide - Irish Decimal Halfpenny 2

2018 Market Values

1971 Ireland decimal halfpenny

1971 Ireland decimal halfpenny

Ireland (Éire)

US Grades G VF 20 XF40 AU50 MS61
YEAR Mintage Good Fine Very Fine Ex. Fine Uncirculated
1971 100,500,000 face face face face     €1.00
1975   10,500,000 face face face face     €3.00
1976     5,000,000 face face face face     €4.00
1978   20,300,000 face face face face     €2.00
1980   20,600,000 face face face face     €2.00
1982     9,700,000 face face face face     €3.00
1985     2,800,000 face €20.00 €50.00 €100.00 €450.00
1986           6,750 face   €5.00 €25.00   €50.00 €100.00


Although there were 2.8m halfpennies minted in 1985, most of these were withheld by the Central bank of Ireland and did not circulate.

  • Survivors are quite rare.

In 1986, only 6,750 halfpennies were struck and these were produced for a BU set. None of these coins circulated but, due to gum seepage on the packaging, many collectors broke up these sets and the individual coins are available to collectors.

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