Ancient British (Celtic) ringmoney - found in Lincolnshire in 1980s

What is Celtic Ring Money ?

Long before the introduction of struck coinage into ancient Celtic Europe, copper and gold rings were used as currency by Celtic tribes and were often worn on clothing or tied together by ropes. These particular rings, often referred to as “proto-currency”, were created in ancient Moesia (now Bulgaria) as long ago as 7th century BC.  The…

Celtic Coins of the Veneti, 5th-1st century BCE

Why have no Celtic coins ever been found in Ireland ?

In order to understand the ‘situation’ of the Irish Celts and, therefore, theorize as to “why they did not produce coins like their English cousins”, we first need to understand the situation of the English Celtic tribes. By the 2nd century BC (the Late Iron Age in Britain) the locals were trading iron “currency bars”…


The Enigmatic Coins of the Celtic Tribes of Britain

Celtic coinage is the most intriguing and varied of all the British coins since no one knows specifically for whom, when or where they were produced.  To date, over 45,000 of ancient British and Gaulish coins have been discovered in Britain and all of these have been recorded at the Oxford Celtic Coin Index, but…