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Irish Coin Daily: Elizabeth I, Copper Penny (3rd Irish Coinage)

Date: 1601-02 Description: Country: Ireland Category: Anglo-Irish House of Tudor Elizabeth I Third Base Coinage (Shielded Issue) Tower of London Mint Hammered Notes: The coins are known as Irish pennies. The English minted them in 1601 and 1602 and tried to introduce them as currency in Ireland, however the Irish rejected the coins and they…


These banknotes didn’t inhale … they just absorbed second-hand smoke in an Irish pub !

No smoker really believes that smoking actually harms them, otherwise they would stop. I recently bought a batch of old banknotes that were hanging up on a pub wall. The notes that were there for a ‘short time’ were re-saleable. The notes that had been there for a ‘longer time’, absorbing second-hand smoke, were un-saleable. …