KNM collection - 1981 Irish fifty pence

Irish Specimen Coins from the King’s Norton Collection

The King’s Norton Mint Collection In 1889, Thomas Richard Bayliss in conjunction with his son, Thomas Abraham Bayliss, founded King’s Norton Metal Co. They would go on to become an important private mint and even supplied the Royal Mint via sub-contracting. In 1911 and 1912, the King’s Norton Metal Co supplied bronze blanks for pennies,…

Ireland 2012 Proof Coin Set - 9 coins, incl. special €2 commemorating ten years of the Euro Currency

O’Brien Coin Guide: Irish Euro Proof Sets

These sets are similar to the coins that circulate but are struck on specially produced, highly polished flans (also known as blanks, or planchets).  The Central Bank of Ireland has maintained their conservative approach to the issue of proof sets and, to date, only four sets have been made available for collectors to purchase. The…


O’Brien Rare Coin Review: Why is the 1938 Irish Penny so valuable?

In 1937, a new constitution declaring Ireland a free state was established and the old designs for the coins of Ireland that featured the legend “Saorstat Eireann” or Irish Free State were changed to “Eire” to reflect the new constitution. The only known 1938 coins to feature that revised legend are: one halfcrown (currently unique…