1689 Aug, with stop. James II, Gunmoney. Large size. Laureate head left. Reverse XII over crown. Usual surface porosity

James II & his Gunmoney: August 1689 (timeline)

The gunmoney of James II: August 1689 (timeline)

A coin minted in 921 or 922 for Nasr II ben Ahmad, an Arabic ruler (913-43), found in a hacksilver hoard buried at Storr Rock in Skye, Scotland

O’Brien Coin Guide: An Introduction to Medieval Islamic coins found in Ireland

Introduction Arabic, or Islamic, coins are frequently mentioned in the archaeological literature of the 19th and 20th centuries but there are few accounts that discuss these beautiful coins as a group – which probably reflects our preoccupation for coins with Latin inscriptions. They are found at many dig sites and their ‘deposition dates’ show a…