Two Bronze Age axe heads, Viking strap-end and twisted ring were illegally excavated

Irish Numismatics & Archaeology: A way forward from the impasse in the metal detecting debate?

Two and a half years ago I wrote an article designed to generate discussion on whether (or not) Irish metal-detectorists were saints or sinners. I had hoped to get more opinions from the professionals involved in Irish archaeology – from both sides of the border – but they have remained quiet. An uneasy three-way ‘stand-off’…

O'Reilly Money - Edward III, pre-Treaty issues, London mint, ex Grainger coll., wts. 29.6, 29.1 and 28.8 grains

O’Brien Rare Coin Review: O’Reilly’s Money (1447-1459)

Introduction: The much debated O’Reilly’s Money is often quoted in old Irish numismatic books and society papers. However, examples are very rare and few collectors seemed interested enough in them to add them to their cabinets in the early days of Irish numismatics. Most examples are hidden away in museum collections and rarely see the…

Edward III Halfpenny, Dublin mint

O’Brien Rare Coin Review: The Irish Coinage of Edward III (1339-40)

Introduction After Edward III, there was a gap in Irish coin production of over 120 years. What caused this? Was it an economic or political decision, or a combination of several different causal factors? Did the causal factors occur before and/or during the reign of Edward III ??? No coins would be minted in Ireland for…