John (as Lord), Second coinage, Halfpenny, type 1b, Waterford, Wilmus, [—]llmvs on wa, 0.63g (S 6210, DF 39). Old Currency Exchange Dublin, Ireland. Irrish coin dealer Irish hammered coinage

Irish Coin Daily: Prince John’s Silver Halfpenny (Second Coinage, Waterford Mint / Willmus)

Date: c. 1190-99 Description: Country: Ireland Category: Anglo-Norman House of Anjou Angevin Richard I (the Lionheart) John as Lord of Ireland Second Coinage (Dominus / Cross Potent Issue) Waterford Mint Moneyer: Willmus Hammered     Further Reading: O’Brien Coin Guide: Why did Henry II not issue coins under his own name for Ireland? O’Brien Rare…