1689 Aug, with stop. James II, Gunmoney. Large size. Laureate head left. Reverse XII over crown. Usual surface porosity

James II & his Gunmoney: August 1689 (timeline)

The gunmoney of James II: August 1689 (timeline)

Ireland Irish coin sixpence reverse

O’Brien Coin Guide: Irish Pre-Decimal Sixpence

The sixpence (6d) (Irish: reul) coin was a sub-division of the pre-decimal Irish pound, worth 1/40 of a pound or ½ of a shilling.  It ‘nickname’ was a ‘tanner’ and it is thought that this is from John Sigismund Tanner, originally from Saxe-Coburg, who was a medallist and designer at the Royal Mint.  The sixpence he designed for George II…