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Irish Coin Daily: Elizabeth I, Copper Penny (3rd Irish Coinage)

Date: 1601-02 Description: Country: Ireland Category: Anglo-Irish House of Tudor Elizabeth I Third Base Coinage (Shielded Issue) Tower of London Mint Hammered Notes: The coins are known as Irish pennies. The English minted them in 1601 and 1602 and tried to introduce them as currency in Ireland, however the Irish rejected the coins and they…


O’Brien Rare Coin Review: The American Colonial Coins of Lord Baltimore (Maryland)

Introduction: Strictly speaking, the 1st Lord Baltimore wasn’t really Irish, although he was a member of the Irish peerage, had an Irish title and and resided on his Irish estates shortly before travelling to the Americas to set up his first colony in Newfoundland. He died just after acquiring the charter for Maryland. However, the…

1652 Massachussets "oak tree" silver threepence

How NOT to sell “the gem” in your coin collection … an example of a ‘numismatic’ marketing faux pas !

It is every metal detector’s dream to find something worth a million, although most of them do it for the exercise, the fresh air and the fun they have in researching their smaller finds. Its about the history. I was very surprised and impressed to discover that most detectorists donate their finds to local museums…

An example of an Irish evasion halfpenny token - so long as the piece looked reasonably similar to the real coins, the public were likely to accept them – and given that over 60% of the halfpennies in circulation were fakes – this wasn’t difficult. The public accepted them for a variety of reasons.

O’Brien Coin Guide: Irish Evasion Halfpennies (1770s to the 1790s)

Introduction These coins are contemporary counterfeits and most of them were produced between 1782-1799, although some ‘dates’ are significantly earlier (and there is a good reason for this). They are easily spotted due to their unusual legends – a deliberate ploy in order to “evade” the counterfeiting laws of the time. In 1742, an Act…

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O’Brien Coin Guide: William Wood’s Irish Coinage (1722-1724) for George I

William Wood was the owner of several copper and tin mines in England and he hoped to make a large profit via the production of coins for use in Ireland and America.  During the first half of 1722 King George I’s mistress (who had followed him over from Germany), the Duchess of Kendal, obtained a…