Gunmoney coinage, Sixpence, 1689 June + full stop (1)

James II & his Gunmoney: June 1689 (timeline)

This was never going to be enough and the answer to James’s financial predicament came from a Protestant – William Bromfield, an English Quaker and one time surgeon who invented the world’s first ‘fiat’ currency based upon a promise to pay at a later date

10 Perper Montenegro Gold

O’Brien Obsolete Currency Guide: Montenegro (Perpera)

The Kingdom of Montenegro (Serbian: Краљевина Црнa Горa / Kraljevina Crna Gora), was a monarchy in southeastern Europe during the tumultuous years on the Balkan Peninsula leading up to and during The Great War (WW1). Legally it was a constitutional monarchy, but absolutist in practice Prince Nicholas of Montenegro, in 1906, issued coins in denominations…

1919 Limerick Soviet 10 shilling note

Rare Irish Banknotes: the Limerick “Soviet” of 1919

During the Irish War of Independence, the City of Limerick was very unusual insofar as it issued its own currency – a series of low denomination banknotes.  It is the only instance of a labour organisation doing so, not on in Ireland but also throughout the UK.  It is the first physical sign in a…


Irish Currencies, from a Coin Collecting and Banknote Collecting perspective

Being born in 1960, I am very comfortable with currency changes since during my lifetime I have used three completely different currencies.  Of course, there was a subtle change in 1978 when the money in our pockets stayed the same but the banknotes changed design.  Although things went on as before in Ireland, our new…