1908 GB & Ireland bronze penny (Edward VII)

O’Brien Coin Guide: GB & Ireland Bronze Pennies of Edward VII

Introduction: The GB & Ireland “Edward VII” pennies are an easy series to collect as there is only one major variety (the 1902 low tide) and that too is not exactly scarce. As with all of the earlier GB & Ireland bronzes, the highest grades command a significant premium and the coins in the lower…

1902 GB & Ireland bronze farthing (Edward VII)

O’Brien Coin Guide: GB & Ireland Bronze Farthings (Edward VII)

Background: Victoria, at that time, was the longest serving British monarch in history, so her son Edward was an old man by the time he succeeded her. Not a lot happened in terms of numismatic innovation during his short reign but it is, perhaps, worth mentioning that James Joyce had a few things to say…


GB & Ireland – Third-Farthings

The Third-Farthing The first of the fractional farthings to be issued was the third-farthing, which throughout the period of issue from 1827 to 1913 was minted exclusively for use in Malta. The island used British coins, but the grano, dating from before British rule, was valued at one-twelfth of a penny. As a result the…