Coin Forgery Alert: Ireland 1937 Halfcrown

Caveat emptor According to a recent report by the Numismatic Society of Ireland, several examples of this scarce (key date) halfcrown have appeared on the market, so buyers need to be extra vigilant when offered what may look like a bargain from an unusual source. Needless to say, an eBay seller “with little of no…

Reverse - Fake 1943 Irish Halfcrown

Coin Forgery Alert: Ireland 1943 Halfcrown

Caveat emptor Coin forgers have been with us for over a thousand years but this crime is no longer punishable in the medieval way, e.g. in the “Purge of the Moneyers” by Henry I at Christmas 1124, all of the English moneyers were summoned to Winchester, where most of them were castrated and had the…

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O’Brien Rare Coin Review: Why is the 1943 Irish Florin so valuable?

Introduction The 1943 florin is the rarest ‘modern’ Irish coin to have actually circulated. The 1985 Irish 20p was not intended to circulate The 1992 Irish 10p was not intended to circulate Both of the coins listed above were minted for only testing purposes, i.e. to calibrate vending machines and they were supposed to have…


Controversy follows 1927 Irish coin design competition results

In 1922 Ireland won its independence from Britain after a two-year War of Independence and protracted negotiations in London.  The team, authorized to negotiate on behalf of Dáil Eireann, signed a treaty and, after ratification by ‘simple majority’ in the Dáil and by a referendum vote by the Irish people, the Irish Free State was…


O’Brien Rare Coin Review: Why is the 1992 Irish 10p coin so valuable?

Introduction The Irish government began minting the original 10p coin two years prior to Decimal Day, 15 February 1971, hence the first 10p coins were dated 1969 and 1971 – when they were first circulated.  These coins retained the exact design and dimensions (except denomination) of the old (pre-decimal) florin coin, first introduced to the…


O’Brien Rare Coin Review: Why is the 1985 Irish 20p coin so valuable?

The new Irish 20p coin In 1982 the then Minister for Finance, Ray MacSharry, announced that a twenty or twenty-five pence coin might be designed and in August 1984 the twenty pence was chosen.  The Arts Council of Ireland recommended the horse design. The twenty pence (20p) coin was introduced on 30th October 1986.  It was first…