1929 £10 Consolidated Banks - Provincial Bank of Ireland (front) Unc

O’Brien Rare Banknote Review: Ploughman Notes (Provincial Bank of Ireland)

Introduction The Provincial Bank of Ireland was established in 1825, pioneered branch banking in Ireland. The terms, rights and privileges of the Bank of Ireland allowed it to effectively strangle the development of banking in Ireland until the Irish Banking Crisis that followed the post-Napoleonic War Depression. The Bank of Ireland effectively held a monopoly…

1999 C Series £20 Banknote (front) Unc

O’Brien Banknote Guide: Twenty Pounds, Irish Banknote “C Series”

This series of notes is known as “Series C” and the designs are the output from a limited competition held in 1991 in which nine Irish artists were invited – the winner was Robert Ballagh. This series of notes had denominations of £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100 – with no pound note, since there a coin of this value…