Irish Coin Daily: Morbiducci’s Irish Pattern Shilling in Cupro-Nickel (1927)

The Irish Coin Cabinet, The Old Currency Exchange, Coin Dealer, Dublin, Ireland

Date: 1927

1927 Morbiducci Pattern (Prova / Proof), Shilling in Cupro-Nickel.

1927 Morbiducci Pattern (Prova / Proof), Shilling in Cupro-Nickel.


Saorstát Éireann (Irish Free State). Morbiducci Irish Shilling Pattern (Prova / Proof) in Cupro-Nickel. Privately commissioned by Publio Morbiducci and struck at Lorioli Castelli’s (Milan) mint for the Irish Coin Design Competition of 1927.

  • Diameter:  23.6 mm
  • Weight: 4.77 g


  • Brady, SNC June 1976, p.238, no.21, this coin
  • Not listed in any of the other catalogues; SCBC –;  D&F –;  KM –

Extremely Rare – only three specimens in Cupro-Nickel


  • Large Irish Harp
  • Legend:
    • · Saorstát Éireann · (above)
    • 1927 (date below)
    • Prova (Italian for ‘proof’) to the right of the harp


  • Bull, standing towards the right, head down, ready to charge
  • Legend:
    • · Schilling · (Irish for ‘shilling’) in exergue
    • P. MORBIDVCCI (above bull)

Sales History:

  • Dixon Noonan & Webb, London
  • Auction: The Norwich Collection
  • Date of Auction: 30th June 2004
    • Estimate:
      • £3,000 – £4,000
    • Hammer Price:
      • £3,500


  • Ireland
    • Irish Free State


  • Modern Irish Coinage
    • Morbiducci Pattern (Prova/Proof)
    • 1927 Irish Coin Design Competition




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