Irish Coin Daily: Billon Groat of Elizabeth I. Dublin (1st Irish Coinage) “REGI.”

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Date: c. 1558

Ireland. Elizabeth I (1558-1603) BI Groat. Dublin, c.1558. ELIZA[B]ETA D’·G’·ANG’·FRA’·Z·HI, crowned and mantled bust left / POSVI:DEVM:ADIVTOREM:MEVM ·, crowned harp; crowned E R to left and right. S 6504. 3.04g, 25mm, 3h.


Elizabeth I Billon Groat. Dublin, c.1558

  • Weight: 3.04g
  • Diameter: 25mm

Reference: S 6504

  • Very Fine (VF)


  • Crowned and mantled bust, facing left
    • Legend: ELIZA[B]ETA D’·G’·ANG’·FRA’·Z.·HIB. REGI.
      • Translation:
      • “Elizabeth by the Grace of God, Queen of England, France and Ireland”


  • Crowned harp; crowned E R to left and right
      • Translation:
      • “I have made God my helper”


  • Ireland


  • Anglo-Norman
    • House of Tudor
  • Elizabeth I (1558-1603)
    • First Irish Coinage (debased silver)
  • Hammered

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