Irish Coin Daily: Prince John’s Silver Halfpenny (Second Coinage, Waterford Mint / Gefrei)

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Date: c. 1190-1199


John as Lord, Second DOMinus coinage, Halfpenny, Waterford mint, c.1190 - c.1199, S.6208. 0.77 g., moneyer Gefrei. Obv. legend IOHANNES DOM around diademed facing head. Rev. legend GEFREI . ON WAT around voided cross potent with annulet. Good Very Fine with good centering and all legends well struck. Old tone. Seldom seen moneyer for this scarce issue


John (as Lord of Ireland), Silver Halfpenny (0.77 g). Second (‘DOMinus’) coinage, Group II, cross pommée. Waterford mint; Gefrei, moneyer. Struck circa 1198-1199. S.6208 Gefrei; DF39.

  • Good Very Fine (gVF)
  • Toned, well centered
  • Scarce


  • Diademed facing head
    • Translates and expands to “John Dominus” (Lord of Ireland)


  • Voided cross potent with annulet
    • Translates as “Gefrei of Waterford”


  • Ireland


  • Anglo-Norman
    • House of Anjou
    • Angevin
  • Richard I (the Lion Heart)
    • John as Lord of Ireland
      • Second Coinage (Dominus / Cross Potent Issue)
        • Waterford Mint
          • Moneyer: Gefrei
  • Hammered



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