Irish Coin Daily: 1927 Pattern Penny (in Silver) by Publio Morbiducci

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Date: 1927


1927 Irish Free State, Silver Pattern Penny, by P. Morbiducci. Rare Irish coins - only 3 known. Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland. Irish coin dealer


  • Ireland


  • Irish Free State / Saorstát Éireann
    • Pattern


This is a ‘pattern’ coin entered by the Roman sculptor Publio Morbiducci (1889-1963) for the competition to design Ireland’s new money in 1928. Although unsuccessful, Morbiducci’s designs are considered to be some of the finest in terms of their classical Italianate forms.

  • Gerard Brady: “an ageless character and beauty”

Struck by the Milanese medallists Lorioli Castelli (later known as Lorioli Fratelli), the precise numbers of pieces which exist are uncertain, although the best previously published estimates were by Brady in 1976

  • At that time, Brady recorded 3 bronze + 3 silver examples of this pattern
  • This coin is not listed by the major catalogues, except KM

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