Irish Coin Daily: Silver Half-Groat of Edward IV, Heavy Portrait ‘Cross & Pellets’ coinage (Waterford mint) 1465-66

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Date: c. 1465-66

A silver, medieval, half groat of Edward IV AD.1461-1483, first reign, AD.1461-1470, Irish issue, Heavy Portrait ‘Cross and Pellets’ coinage. Dublin mint, Spink 6354 Obverse, bust of king facing with annulets beside neck, pellet on neck, [...]WAR[...]IE Reverse, Long cross with three pellets in angles, outer legend, POS[VI:/ DEV]M:/ADIVTO/RE: MEV inner legend CIVI/TAS/DVB/LIE


Edward IV. First reign, 1461-1470. Silver Half-Groat, Heavy Portrait ‘Cross and Pellets’ coinage. Waterford mint.

  • Fine (F)


  • Crowned facing bust within tressure of arches, with inward facing lis on cusps, pellets in three lower spandrels
    • Legend incomplete / worn
      • + […]WAR[…]IE


  • Long cross pattée with trefoils in angles, additional pellets in second and third angles
    • Outer legend:
      • + POS[VI:/ DEV]M:/ADIVTO/RE: MEV
    • Inner legend:
      • + CIVI/TAS/DVB/LIE


  • Ireland


  • Anglo-Norman
    • House of York
  • Edward IV
    • First reign: 4 March 1461-3 October 1470
    • Second Reign: 11 April 1471 until his death in 1483
  • Hammered
    • Waterford Mint



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