Early Irish Banknotes: One Pound & Ten Shillings Stg., The Kilkenny Bank (Loughnan’s Bank) 1819

Early Irish Banknotes - an illustrated catalogue of private banks, joint-stock banks and tradesmens' notes. The Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

The Kilkenny Bank / Loughnan’s Bank:

The Kilkenny Bank was first registered in 23rd September 1800, by Connel Loughnan and John Helsham. There was three sets of notes issued:

  • Type 1 Signatories: Kilkenny Bank (Connel Loughnan and John Helsham)
  • Type 2 Signatories: Kilkenny Bank (Michael Brennan and James Loughnan)
  • Type 3 Signatories: Kilkenny Bank (James Loughnan)

This note belongs to the third issue, i.e. when James Loughnan was sole proprietor and less than a year before a run on the bank forced its closure and made Loughnan bankrupt.

Kilkenny Bank Notes:

A one pound & ten shillings (Sterling) promissory note issued on behalf of The Killkenny Bank, signed by James Loughnan (sole proprietor) and dated 4th October 1819. Well circulated with the usual signs of wear & tear.

One Pound & Ten Shillings, Kilkenny Bank (Loughnan's Bank) 1819, signed by James Loughnan. The Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

One Pound & Ten Shillings, Kilkenny Bank (Loughnan’s Bank) 1819

  • The Kilkenny Bank (Proprietor: James Loughnan)
    • Occupation: Banker
  • One Pound & Ten Shillings Sterling, dated 4th October 1819
    • Signed by James Loughnan
    • Serial number: 1744
  • Printed in black on white paper
    • Uniface
    • Piece missing from top right corner
    • Otherwise, good Fine (gF)


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