Early Irish Banknotes: 1928 Bank of Ireland (Seventeenth Issue, Type 2) One Pound note

Early Irish Banknotes (Bank of Ireland, not the Central Bank of Ireland). The Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

Date: 1928

1928 Bank of Ireland. Dublin. One Pound. 16-FEB-1928 A23-168186, BH-1B, signed by Gargan. Good fine. The Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

1928 Bank of Ireland (Seventeenth Issue). One Pound. 16-FEB-1928 Serial Number: A/23-168186, signed by Joseph A. Gargan.


  • A Bank of Ireland Pound note (Seventeenth Issue), Type 2 (last Dublin issue)
    • Issued on 16th February 1928
    • Serial Number: A23-168186 (in red)
    • Signed by: Joseph A. Gargan, Chief Cashier
  • Obverse:
    • The £1 note of this 17th issue of the Bank of Ireland series features
      • A blue-green underprint with a green oval design
      • One panel forms the centre piece of the note
      • Serial numbers and the date are in red print
  • Reverse:
    • The reverse is also green, with a Hibernia vignette
  • Dimensions:
    • 150mm x 80mm


  • Ireland


  • Early Irish Banknotes
    • Bank of Ireland
      • Seventeenth Issue
        •  One Pound
          • Type 2


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