Irish Banknote Guide: Five Pound, Hibernian Bank Ploughman Note, Type 1 (J. Brennan & H.J. Campbell)

Date: 1929-1939

1933 Hibernian Bank Ltd, Five Pounds Ploughman note, dated 15th March 1933, 02HK 018086, signed by J. Brennan & H.J. Campbell. The Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

1933 Hibernian Bank Ltd, Five Pounds, dated 15th March 1933, signed J. Brennan & H.J. Campbell.


An Hibernian Bank Limited, Five Pounds, dated 10th June 1929, signed by J. Brennan & H.J. Campbell.

  • Size: 165mm x 92mm
  • Watermarks:
    • A 5-stringed harp at the top left
    • A CBN monogram at the bottom left
    • A shamrock at the bottom right
  • Designer: E. Harrison
  • S/N: 02HK 018086
    • Known Dates: 7
    • 6-MAY-1929
    • 29-JAN-1931, 8-MAY-1931
    • 15-MAR-1933
    • 4-JAN-1938, 5-AUG-1938
    • 8-MAY-1939

Obverse Design:

  • Central Design:
    • A Ploughman with a team of two horses, hence the common name ‘Ploughman note’ among collectors. The theme was intended to symbolise Ireland’s argricultural self-reliance.
  • Colour:
    • Brown, with a green & brown background

Reverse Design:

  • Central Design:
    • St Patrick’s Bridge, Cork
  • Colour:
    • Brown, with a mauve background


  • Ireland


  • Modern Irish Banknotes
    • Hibernian Bank Limited
      • Consolidated Banks Issue
      • Ploughman Note
        •  Five Pounds
          • Type 1


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