Republican Bonds: Certificate of the Fenian Brotherhood

Date: 1866-1867

Fenian Bond certificate


These certificates were also engraved by the Continental Bank Note Company of New York and are dated 186__ (with the year to be added by hand at the date of issue).These certificates are very attractive and very collectable.

  • Unissued
  • Dated: 186__
  • Serial Number: 3043


  • A vignette of an American soldier, his horse and a blacksmith. The blacksmith is sharpening the soldier’s sword.
    • On the wall behind them is a notice inscribed ‘IRISH REPUBLIC’
  • To the right is a vignette of an upraised arm holding a blacksmith’s hammer.
    • The engraved wording states:
    • ‘It is hereby Certified that _________________ is entitled to $_____ of Irish National Bonds on presentation of this Certificate to the Treasurer’



Given that it states ‘IRISH REPUBLIC’ (as opposed to REPUBLIC OF IRELAND) it is likely that this ‘One Dollar’ certificate might be part of the earlier O’Mahony National Bond Certificate issues, rather than the second release by Scanlan.

Perhaps it was a way of accumulating smaller amounts and saving up for the popular $10 National Bonds produced and distributed by John O’Mahony from 1866-67.





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