Irish Coin Daily: 2017 €15 silver Commemorative Proof (Sir Charles Algernon Parsons)

The Irish Coin Cabinet, The Old Currency Exchange, Coin Dealer, Dublin, Ireland

Date: 2017

2017 Ireland €15 silver proof commemorative coin (Sir Charles Algernon Parsons)

2017 Ireland €15 silver proof commemorative coin (Sir Charles Algernon Parsons)

  • Issued by: The Central Bank of Ireland
  • Issue Date:  1st September 2017.
  • Issue Limit: 6,000 pieces

    • Designer:  Antonella Naplione (Italy)
  • Quality:
    • Proof strike
    • Sterling Silver 0.925 fine
  • Weight: 28.28 g 
  • Diameter: 38.61 mm


Charles Parsons was born in 1854 and spent most of his childhood at Birr Castle, Co Offaly, his family’s estate. As a child, he was tutored by prominent scientist Robert Ball and later attended Trinity College Dublin and St. John’s College, Cambridge. Parsons’ invention of the steam turbine engine in 1884 was a major breakthrough in electrical engineering and power generation.

Later applying this work to marine propulsion, Parsons’ steam turbines revolutionized marine transportation by increasing both the speed and efficiency of sea-faring vessels. He received many honours in recognition of his engineering genius, including election to the Royal Society in 1898 and a knighthood in 1911.

  • He died in 1931.

The coin design, by Antonella Napolione, features a portrait of the engineer with an early model of his steam turbine engine, encircled by an inscription and a representation of turbine blades.


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