Irish Coin Daily: Philip & Mary, Irish Silver Shilling of 1555, Mintmark Portcullis

The Irish Coin Cabinet, The Old Currency Exchange, Coin Dealer, Dublin, Ireland

Date: 1555

Philip and Mary, Shilling, dated 1555

Philip and Mary, Shilling, dated 1555. Variety “RIGINA  AN” in obverse legend.



Philip and Mary, Silver Shilling 1555, i.m. portcullis on reverse only, busts vis-à-vis under a crown, date below. This is a variety, with the obverse legend reading “RIGINA  AN” instead of the normal “REGINA . ANG:”

  • Weight: 8.73 g
    • Base coinage: 0.250 fine silver
  • References: D&F 233;  S. 6500

Well struck on a broad flan and with very little wear on the highlights

  • Good Very Fine (gVF)
  • Extremely good example of this base metal issue.


Busts of Philip and Mary facing each other, under a crown, with the date (1555) beneath

  • Legend: PHILIP. ET . MARIA . D . G . REX . ET . RIGINA  AN  (sic)
    • Translation:
    • “Philip and Mary by the Grace of God, King and Queen”


A crowned harp, crowned P and M beside. Mintmark: portcullis, above (on reverse only)

    • Translation:
    • We have made God our helper


  • Ireland


  • Anglo-Norman
    • House of Tudor
      • Philip & Mary
  • Hammered



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