Irish Coin Daily: Prince John’s Silver Halfpenny (Second Coinage, Dublin Mint / Norman)

The Irish Coin Cabinet - a daily magazine featuring just 'best of breed' example of Irish numismatics per day. It will eventually accumulate into one of the finest archives of Irish coins in the world

Date: 1190-1198


1190-1198 Prince John, as Lord of Ireland, Cross Potent Halfpenny, Second coinage, group I (Dublin mint, Moneyer, Norman) info


  • Ireland


  • Anglo-Norman
    • House of Anjou
    • Angevin
  • Richard I (the Lion Heart)
    • John as Lord of Ireland
      • Second Coinage (Dominus / Cross Potent Issue)
        • Dublin Mint
          • Moneyer: Norman
  • Hammered

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