Irish Coin Daily: Dublin Corporation Halfpenny (silver)

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Date: 1679


Ireland Charles II (1649-1685), Dublin Corporation, Halfpenny token, 1679, in silver, arms of Dublin, · the · dvblin · halfpennie ·, rev. crowned harp, · long · live · the · king ·, edge grained


  • Ireland


  • Charles II
    • Token


This token is interesting for a number of reasons:

  • It was issued after the last proclamation of Charles II banning the use of such tokens.
    • Prior to this issue, it was not uncommon for city mayors to issue tokens in their own name, though not necessarily while they were serving as mayor, e.g.
      • Philip Matthews, Mayor of Cork, 1658
      • Richard Ormsby, Mayor of Galway, 1671
      • Thomas Cooke, Mayor of Youghal (several times)
      • John Hancock, Mayor of Youghal, 1658
      • Edward Lawndey, Mayor of Youghal, 1671, 1672, and 1679
      • John Merrick, Mayor of Youghal, 1677
      • Edward Perry, Mayor of Youghal, 1674
      • Andrew Wandrik, Mayor of Youghal, 1651
      • Andrew Rickard, Mayor of Waterford, 1658 and 1666
  • The last of the Tradesmens’ tokens issued in Ireland were dated 1679, so this issue occurs at the very end of these intriguing ‘de facto‘ but outlawed local currencies.
  • Since Dublin Corporation was filled with loyal citizens, it must be considered an “official” token coinage (or at least semi-official) if guaranteed by that organisation
  • Why have so few survived?

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