Irish Coin Daily: Silver Penny of Edward I, 4th Coinage (Dublin Mint) Type II, Intermediate Issue

The Irish Coin Cabinet [banner] The Old Currency Exchange Dublin, Ireland.

Date: c. 1294

Edward I, fourth Irish coinage, Penny, Intermediate Issue, Dublin, type II, 1.40g, EDWR ANGLD NSHYB, rosette on breast, rev. CIVI TAS DVBL INIE, small letters, irregular,possibly clipped, good fine (S.6257) very rare. The Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

Edward I, Fourth Irish Coinage, Silver Penny, Intermediate Issue, Dublin Mint, type II. Irregular flan, possibly clipped, otherwise good fine (gF)

  • Weight: 1.40g
  • Ref: S.6257
    • Very rare


  • Crowned bust in triangle, rosette on breast (instead of the usual trefoil)
    • Legend: EDWR ANGLD NSHYB


  • Cross & Pellets design (no moneyer’s name), with small letters
    • Legend: CIVI TAS DVBL INIE


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