Irish Coin Daily: Silver Halfpenny of Edward I, 5th Coinage (Cork Mint)

The Irish Coin Cabinet [banner] The Old Currency Exchange Dublin, Ireland.

Date: 1297-1302

Edward I (1272-1307), Fifth Irish coinage, Silver Halfpenny, Cork Mint. Obv legend EDWR ANGLD NSHYB. Rev legend CIVI TAS CORC ACIE. The Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

Edward I, Fifth Irish coinage, Silver Halfpenny, Cork Mint.


A rare Silver Half Penny of Cork in the name of Edward I. This piece is an example of his fifth coinage and was minted in Cork between the years 1297 and 1302. Edward’s mint in Cork closed in 1302.

  • A well-struck example, showing well-defined legends (lettering) and portrait.
  • Traces of silver deterioration of a few of the highest points of the reverse design.
  • Surfaces sound and of good silver.
    • Extremely rare:
      • only 4 of these Cork halfpennies exist outside of museum collections.


  • Facing crowned head of Edward I, with long flowing hair, within an inverted triangle, no pellets in angles of the triangle.
  • Legend:


  • Plain cross with 3 bold pellets in each angle.
  • Legend:


  • Ireland


  • Anglo-Norman
    • House of Plantagenet
    • Angevin
  • Edward I (1272-1307)
    • Fifth Irish Coinage
    • Cork Mint
  • Hammered


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