Irish Coin Daily: Silver Penny of Anlaf Guthfrithsson, Hiberno-Norse King of Northumbria & York (Flower type)

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Date: c. 939-941 AD

Hiberno-Norse Viking Coinage, Anlaf Guthrithsson (939-941 AD) AR Penny Flower type. York mint. Ingelgar, moneyer. The Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

Hiberno-Norse Viking Coinage, Anlaf Guthrithsson (939-941 AD) Silver Penny, Flower type, York mint. Moneyer: Ingelgar



Hiberno-Norse (Northumbria). Anlaf Guthfrithsson. 939-941. Silver Penny (21mm, 1.41g). Eoferwic (York) mint; Ingelgar, moneyer. The type is closely related in both style and artistic accomplishment to the popular and very rare floral issue of Edward the Elder (SCBC 1078) struck by Heremod at the northwestern mint of Chester.

  • References: CTCE Group X, a-c; SCBI 6 (Edinburgh), 74 var. (obv. legend);
  • SCBI 34 (BM), 1276 var. (same); North 539; SCBC 1017
  • Almost Extremely Fine (aEF)
    • Lightly toned
  • Very Fine (VF)
    • Unusually, a full coin (these coins are often found as ‘cut’ halfpennies)
    • Lightly toned
      • Extremely rare


  • Small cross pattée; tiny pellet and crescent below flanking inner ring
  • Legend: +ANLAF REX EFOR
    • Translates as: Anlaf, King of York


  • INGELGAR below line from which springs a flower with two curved stalks, star below
  • Legend: INGELGAR
    • Translates as:


  • Northumbria


  • Hiberno-Norse
    • Kingdom of Northumbria / Kingdom of York
  • Hammered

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