Irish Coin Daily: Hiberno-Norse Silver Penny, Phase I, Class B – Long Cross type (GODWINE of Winchester) – Old Norse CUNUNC issue

Irish coin cabinet 7

Date: c. 1000-1010

Hiberno-Norse Phase 1, Class B – Silver Penny Long Cross Type. Sihtric king of Dublin, Godwine of Winchester (rare CONUNC issue). The Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

Hiberno-Norse Phase 1, Class B – Silver Penny Long Cross Type. Sihtric, Godwine of Winchester


Hiberno-Norse, Phase I Silver Penny in the name of ‘Sihtric, King of Dublin’, Silver Penny in imitation of the English, Aethelred II Long Cross type. This coin is unusual insofar as the obverse legend uses the Old Norse word ‘CONUNC’ (king). Most of Sihtric’s other silver pennies bear the legend ‘REX’ – the Latin word for ‘king.’

  • Diameter: 19 mm
  • Weight: 1.61g
  • Good VF, toned
  • One peck mark + three nicks (indicating some transactional usage / circulation)
    • Extremely rare


  • SCBI 8 (BM), 28 = Lockett 495(B) (same dies); O’S -; D&F 7; SCBC 6105


  • Bare headed draped bust left, pellet behind head
  • Legend:
    • Translates as Sihtric, King of Dublin


  • Voided long cross, no pellets in quadrants, with triple crescent ends
  • Legend:
      • Godwine, Moneyer of Winchester


  • Ireland


  • Hiberno-Norse
    • Phase I
    • Class B (Long Cross issue)
      • Mint = Winchester
      • Moneyer = Godwine
  • Hammered


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