Irish Coin Daily: Silver Penny of Ragnald Guthfrithsson, Hiberno-Norse King of Northumbria (Triquetra type) – Moneyer: Branting (of York)

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Date: c. 943-944/5 AD

Hiberno-Norse Kingdom of Northumbria, Ragnald Guthfrithsson c. 943-944/5. Silver Penny (14mm, 1.05 g), Triquetra type, York mint / moneyer: Branting. Obv: +REG·N·Λ·L·D CVNVN + triquetra. Rev: +B·R·A·NT HONET·A

Hiberno-Norse Kingdom of Northumbria, Ragnald Guthfrithsson Silver Penny, Triquetra type


Hiberno-Norse (Kingdom of Northumbria). Ragnald Guthfrithsson. Circa 943-944/5. Silver Penny (14mm, 1.05 g). Triquetra type. York mint; Branting, moneyer.

  • Good Very Fine (gVF)
    • Light tone, good metal
  • An exceedingly rare type for this elusive Hiberno-Norse King of Northumbria
  • Previously unrecorded for this moneyer


  • CTCE Group V (unlisted moneyer); SCBI –; BMC –; North 548; SCBC 1024


  • Triquetra
  • + REG·N·Λ·L·D CVNVN: (V’s as inverted A’s)


  • A fringed triangular standard bearing ‘X’ on cross-tipped pole
  • + B·R·A·NT HONET·A (V as inverted A)


  • Northumbria


  • Hiberno-Norse
    • Kingdom of Northumbria
  • Hammered


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