Modern Irish Banknotes: Currency Commission Ireland – Ten Pounds (No War Code)

Date: 1938-40

1938 Currency Commission Ireland, Ten Pounds, dated 27th October 1938, S/N: 07V 092973, Brennan-McElligott signatures. The Old Currency Exchange, Dublin, Ireland.

1938 Currency Commission Ireland, Ten Pounds, dated 27th October 1938, Brennan-McElligott


A Currency Commission of the Irish Free State, Ten Pounds, Type 2, dated 27th October 1938 (No War Code). Signed by: Joseph Brennan / James J. McElligott.

  • Designer: John Harrison, Chief Portrait Engraver of Waterlow and Sons Ltd, London
  • Engraved and printed by Waterlow & Sons, on Portal’s paper, in London
  • Size: 108mm x 191mm
    • Known Dates: 6
    • 27-OCT-1938, 8-NOV-1938, 14-DEC-1938
    • 15-JUN-1940, 29-JUN-1940, 2-JUL-1940


  • Dual Language titles:
    • Currency Commission Ireland
    • Comisiún Airgid Reatha Éire
  • Oval panel to the left, with an archetypal Irish Cailín (Girl) as the central theme
    • Allegedly based on a Lady Hazel Lavery portrait
      • These notes are colloquially referred to as the ‘Lady Lavery’ series
  • Denonomination:
    • ‘£10’ in all four corners of an ornate frame
    • Text ‘TEN POUNDS’ on the left and right hand sides of the frame
  • In-line S/N: 07V 092973
  • Two signatories:
    • Joseph Brennan
      • Governor
      • Cathaoirleach Choimisiúin an Airgid Reatha
    • James J. McElligott
      • Secretary of the Department of Finance
      • Rúnaí na Roinne Airgid
  • Watermark:
    • Head of Erin


  • Ornate rectangular frame, with River Bann mask in ornate centre panel
  • Note: Centered in an ornamental design is a so-called River Mask, which can be found on the façade of the Dublin Custom House. The masks represent various rivers in Ireland, and were designed by the sculptor Edward Smythe.


  • Ireland


  • Modern Irish Banknotes
    • Currency Commission Irish Free State
      • Ten Pounds
      • Type 2


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