Irish Coin Daily: Elizabeth I, Third issue, Copper Penny, 1602, mm. Martlet

Date: 1602

Elizabeth I, Third issue, Copper Penny, 1602, mm. martlet, 1.68g (S 6510a, DF 256)

Elizabeth I, Third issue, Copper Penny, dated 1602, mm. Martlet


Elizabeth I (1558-1603), Third issue, copper Penny, dated 1602. The reason for this coinage was to deny good silver to the rebels in the north of Ireland so they would not have anything with which to buy arms from abroad. The idea was to flood Ireland with base money and get everything else out of circulation.

  • Weight: 1.68g
  • References: S 6510a, DF 256

Irregular flan, split in places, good fine (gF) and scarce even in this condition


  • Arms of England, “E” and “R” to either side
  • Mintmark: Martlet
  • Legend:
      • Translation:
      • “Elizabeth by the Grace of God, Queen of England, France and Ireland”


  • Crowned harp
  • Mintmark: Martlet
  • Legend:
      • Translation:
      • “I have made God my helper”


  • The trefoil mint-mark (which appears on both sides) is a date indicator
  • These coins occur with 3 mint-marks: the trefoil, the star and the martlet
    • The ‘trefoil’ was first, and in use from the date of the indenture, 2nd February 1601, until the pyx trial of 20th May 1601
    • Following the pyx of 20th May 1601, the mint mark was changed to ‘star’
    • On 24th May 1602 the ‘star’ pieces were pyxed, and the mint mark changed to ‘martlet’


  • Ireland


  • Anglo-Norman
    • House of Tudor
  • Elizabeth I
    • Third Irish Coinage (debased silver, or copper)
      • Copper Penny
  • Hammered



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